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Why Choose Homoeopathy?

Cost Effective

Homeopathic medicines are much less expensive than conventional prescription drugs, because they are generic, non-patented and non-patentable...

No Side Effects

Homeopathic medicine is one of the safest medicines to consume, as it has no potential side-effects.


Since they are commonly available in the form of sweet-tasting pellets, powders, or liquids, they...

Administered Easily

Homeopathic products come from plants (such as red onion, arnica [mountain herb], poison ivy, belladonna [deadly nightshade], and stinging...

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    About Doctor

    Dr. Anupama Shailesh Bomble is a renowned and dynamic homoeopathic doctor practicing at her clinic in Chikhali, Pune since 2003.  She is a graduate from Dhondumama Sathe Homoeopathic Medical College, a prestigious medical college in Pune which has provided the best homoeopathic practitioners to the society.

    Dr. Anupama Bomble is the founder and owner of SAI HOMOEO clinic which is an advanced multispecialty clinic that aims at providing well managed comprehensive medical treatment to its patients. Her expert medications have benefited thousands of patients in all sectors and all age groups, and, in India as well as abroad.

    In her extensive experience of 17 years Dr. Anupama Bomble has provided specialized treatment for Autism, ADHD, developmental disorders, migraine, otitis media, allergic rhinitis, recurrent tonsillitis, thyroid disorders, bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer, IBS, piles, colitis, acute constipation, fissures, kidney stone, gallstones, benign prostate enlargement, PCOS, infertility, varicose veins, skin diseases, arthritis, gout, spondylosis, calcaneal spur, menstrual problems, etc. With increased cases of blood pressure, diabetes and stress issues in the younger generation her homeopathic medicines have been extremely helpful and served as a better option.

    Dr. Bomble is also an expert in nutritional counselling and diet along with her homeopathic medications.

    Dr. Bomble has also been actively fulfilling her duty towards society through various charitable activities, conducting regular health camps, freely distributing medicines to the poor and needy, and so on. Throughout her professional career she has endeavored to provide a holistic treatment to all her patients by combining her expert knowledge with new scientific studies and updates acquired with regular attendance of workshops, training sessions, and seminars in the medical field.

    Dr. Bomble is currently accepting telehealth calls.

    Whats New?

    Homoeopathic medicine as an immunobooster for prevention of COVID 19. Homoeopathic medicine Arsenic Album 30 two times a day for 3 days once in a month has been considered as an immunobooster to prevent covid 19 .

    Arsenicum album 30

    homoeopathic medicine Arsenicum album 30 could be taken empty stomach daily for three days as a prophylactic medicine against the...

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    8237 Cured Patients


    I have a very good experience. I would definitely recommend Sai Homoeo Clinic for any problem. You will definitely get solution.

    Priyanka Pawar

    Excellent results, highly recommended.
    Accurate diagnosis to hit the root cause, mam is now my family doctor for all the minor and major health issues. Thanks for your all the support mam.

    Sandeep Patil

    I got my kidney stone treated. Allopathic doctors suggested me operation to remove the stones. But Sai Clinic suggested that it can be removed via medication. The treatment was very effective and the stone dissolved within a month of medication. Accurate diagnosis and treatment. Thanks Sai Clinic.

    Shrey Sharma

    The overall health and well being is taken into consideration by giving enough time to the patient and while providing treatment which finally helped me to get rid of multiple problems that I have been facing for long.

    Richa Sharma

    Realistic results I found from consulting Homoeopathy by Dr. Mrs Anupama Bomble.

    Intention of my sharing is , every one get 100% values & choosing a right consulting doctor very important.

    I experienced few things during consulting.

    1) doctor will interact with patient untill get real root cause spending lot of time & accordingly proceed for treatment with lot of trials.

    2) Mrs. Anupama madam has a real committent to cure & has a good explanatory potential so that patient will understand .

    3) I personally recommend for profound healty results you may follow.

    4) one more thing, after getting results when we see back , what we have spend money & time , everything seems worthy.

    Chetan Chimane

    I am completely alright from my IBS problem which was since many years .Thank you mam.

    Digamber Kute

    I really got positive and best results …. I had problem of oligomenorrhea but it had been cured by treatment of Sai Homeo Clinic…by this treatment other small problems related to my digestion had also been cured. All thanks to Ma’am

    Sharvari Alkari

    Very good experienced doctor. Result oriented doctor. Best consulting.

    Rahul Borse

    I had a problem with 7mm and 4mm kidney stone together, I started the medicine and within 3 months I got good results. Both of my kidney stones came out. Now don’t have any problem with kidney stones.
    I also suffering from the gastric ulcer, I’m taking pills every alternate days, I hope we can fix it too,
    Thanks a lot Sai Homoeo Clinic

    Ganesh Fadtare

    Thanks Madam. Thanks for healing my reflux oesophagitis and gastritis.

    Raosaheb Lokhande

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